You can talk over your legal problems such as "status of residence" or
other problems in daily life with a “Gyousei-shoshi”, an administrative documentation lawyer.
The counseling session is offered in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.
Free and confidential. Never worry alone, and feel free to come and talk with us !
Every Wednesday: Appointments are necessary if you come on Wednesday. Call for an appointment.
1st Saturday :Administrative documentation lawyer (Chinese)
2nd Saturday :Administrative documentaiton lawyer(English, Portuguese)
3rd Saturday:Counselor(English )
4th Saturday:Counselor(Chinese)
5th Saturday: Counselor (English)
No appointment is necessary if you come on Saturday.

Place: Counseling room NO.2on the5th floor of Tachikawa-city Josei-so-go center AIMU,
the same building in which Tachikawa-city central library is located.)
***The counseling room is closed on national holidays, mid-August and NewYear holidays.
The personnel in charge may be changed.***

TMC will start Consultation for Foreign Residents online from

Tachikawa-Shiyakusyo Atochi Bettou 3-2-26 Nishiki-cho,Tachikawashi
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