About TMC (Tachikawa Multicultural Center)

 The official name of our group in English is "NPO Tachikawa Multicultural Center".
In short, we call it TMC.
It was established in January 2001 and became an NPO in Oct 2002.

  We are a volunteer group that everyone is invited to join, in pursuit of town-making where people from different background can live and work happily in and around Tachikawabeyond the boundaries of nationality. For this goal in mind, and also wishing people who can understand this will increase, we sponsor the following activities.

1 Consultations for foreigners in different languages
2 Collecting data on multicultural cohabitation, and providing information in various languages.
3 Networking of organizations in this city that have the same purpose with us.
4 Giving lectures to volunteers or promotion of globalization.
5 Holding simposium, forum and sport events, etc.
6 Other necessary projects.

Everyone Is a Citizen of the Earth

NPO Legal Person: Tachikawa multicultural center
Yasuo Sato, COD

   Every year, there are more and more foreign people living in and around Tachikawa City. And also an increasing number of foreign people is visiting this city for private travel or for their jobs.
NPO Legal Person TMC is a volunteer organization trying to create multicultural encounters through aiding or making friends with foreign people who happened to come and live here.

   TMC is doing a variety of activities such as consultation for foreign people, publishing multi-language information paper, world cooking seminar, and organizing multi-cultural cohabitation forum, etc. Its budget is consisted of membership fee, consignment fee and subsidiary aid from the Thachikawa City.
   And also through organizing International Friendship Festival, which is participated by a lot of embassies, TMC is promoting international friend ship and multicultural encounters.
   A lot of volunteer translators and interpreters of various languages are registered to TMC and actively participating. Without them, multicultural friendship cannot take place.

   Members of TMC, regardless of their age, gender or nationality, are happily and actively working together, for the aim of multicultural cohabitation. And TMC is looking forward to getting more people understanding such activities. For the goal of creating a rich multicultural region, why don’t you join TMC?

TMC Committees
General Affairs Committee
Publicity Committee
Events Committee
Organization Comittee

Membership TMC
Membership Form(PDF)
申込書の印刷(PDF) (郵送、メールまたははFaxでの申し込み)

E-mail : tmc@poppy.ocn.ne.jp Tel/Fax 042-527-0310